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An interesting perspective on walking was written by Edward Phillips, MD, Harvard Medical School, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for my first book entitled Walk Like an Athlete.  Most of it is stated here:

Walking is basic to human nature. In early childhood, a baby's first steps are the pinnacle of development. Late in life, maintaining independence is equated with the ability to walk. In the years between, for most people it is the only true form of physical exercise in an average day. From a medical perspective, one of the miracle of our biology is our ability to propel ourselves in an upright posture. Indeed walking on two feet, as our primary means of ambulating, distinguishes us from other animals.

Walking in humans is a wonderfully efficient means of getting from place to place. The proper coordination of our nerves, bones, muscles, and balance system allows for smooth movements with minimal energy expenditure. Indeed, for the cost of 100 calories, a few a bites of a candy bar, we can walk a mile. However, if you are trying to lose weight, a modest increase in distance or speed of your ambulation, will over time, burn additional calories and allow for weight loss and improved fitness.

Walking is the most natural form of exercise. It is a low-impact activity that exerts minimal stress on the joints, but still provides weight bearing that keeps the bones strong even late in life. Because we already know how to walk, and because of the low injury potential I often suggest to my patients that they make walking their primary regular form of exercise. By walking a little faster and little farther, even as part of a daily commute, we begin to improve our  level of fitness. But to progress beyond the basic physical activity of pedestrian walking to intensive exercise and true sport we need guidance. Walk Like an Athlete provides this instruction.

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