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Walking Success Stories

Creating these pages was particularly rewarding for me. It’s a reminder of just how effective a little knowledge can be. Most stories started with a lack of information pertaining to eating healthy and exercising properly. None of our stories are about people who succeeded via fad diets. They used what is uncommon, common sense. A combination of a healthful diet and exercise that was primarily in the form of walking was the key. Please read their stories and view their before and after photos. If that doesn't get you inspired and get started to the healthier you, I can't imagine what would motivate you.

If you have a walking success story, please share it with us by emailing Jeff Salvage.

Alex Chavez - Chubby Boy Turned Elite Athlete Frank Bergson - Doctor AvoiderRebecca Garson - Exercise Hater Tammy Stevenson - Recovering Linebacker Calvin Lau

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