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Websites like WalkingResource.com are a great source of free information pretaining to walking, but there's nothing like having the additional resources of a book or DVD. Our distinctive books and DVDs are predominately written by two-time Olympian Tim Seaman and/or your web master and walking expert Jeff Salvage. In addition, we've recommended some books of interest by world renown authors. For your convenience we've broken the products into separate categories of walkers including: beginning walkers, race walkers, and trekkers/hikers.

Walk Like an Athlete - A gentle introduction to walking more athletically to maximize your walking workout Race Walk Like a Champion Book and DVD Set - A complete introdcution to race walkingRace Walk Like a Champion - DVD/CD Set - The best introduction to race walking in a DVD/CD format

Race Walk Like a Champion - Book - A great introduction to the sport of race walking in a full color book
Boomerwalk - Why Baby Boomers Should Replace Running And Jogging With Racewalking - BookMore Walking Products Will be Available Soon

Race Walk Clinic 4 Book Set with the Race Walk Clinic in a DVD Disc Race Walk Clinic in a DVD DiscRace Walk Faster by Training Smarter - Book Race Walk Clinic in a Book - Book
Looking at the Best - BookTwo Feet Goes Race Walking - Photo BookExcellence in Training - Book

A Journey Along the World's Great Treks - Book Two Feet in Nepal - Photo Book Two Feet in South America - Photo BookTwo Feet in Africa - Photo Book

Two Feet Travels - Photo Book
Into Thin Air - Book
Trekking in the Nepal Himalayas - Lonely Planet
The Man Who Walked through Time
Beyond The Last Village - Book

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