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The Race Walk Like a Champion DVD/CD set is like a coach in a box. Spanning a DVD and a CD for your compute r, the set brings the descriptions from the book to life while explaining all aspects of race walking in DVD quality video. However, the benefits of the DVD format do not end there; the interactivity makes it a coach in a box. It's friendly menus allow you to watch exactly the section you wish, over and over, with no rewinding! Have a technique problem? Just drill down through the interactive menus and your ever-present coach is there to assist.

Here's what each volume has to offer:


Race Walk Like a Champion DVD

The DVD starts off with a definition of the rules that govern race walking. Once you know what you have to do to be legal, the DVD then presents every aspect of race walking technique.

Your shoes are your single most important piece of equipment. The DVD demonstrates all aspects of good and bad race walking shoes, so that you can make an educated decision about your shoe selection.

Add in the audio/video photo stories of the all-time best walkers in America along with a documentary of the top athletes training at the ARCO Training Center--many of whom will be part of our 2004 Olympic Team--and you will have a new appreciation for our sport. Learn all the lessons this set has to offer, and maybe you'll be in the next DVD.

Our DVD contains all the stretches, drills, and exercises to make you a complete race walker. Walking alone isn't enough. Without warming up properly, improving your range of motion, stretching, and strengthening the proper way, you will not reach your full walking potential. The step-by-step instructions contained on this disc are sure to help you on your way to being the best race walker possible.

Finally, additional books, videos, links, as well as other resources are available at the click of a button.


Race Walk Like a Champion CD Main MenuThe second disc is a CD to be played in the computer.

Nowhere before have so many detailed training schedules (over 100, from 5K to 50K) been available at the click of your remote. Simply select your race distance and then your race time, and a day-by-day training schedule appears. The DVDs guide you from the first steps of a base phase all the way through your race day.

Once you know the techniques, you'll want a training program. Our detailed, day-by-day schedules are customized to your goal race pace. Pick a distance, then a time, and a three-phase day-by-day schedule is presented.

Price: $49.95 for the set + $4.50 S&H


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Praise for Race Walk Like a Champion

Jeff Salvage has written an invaluable guide for the competitive race walker. Blending years of coaching experience with the latest in digital photo technology, Race Walk Like a Champion is a vivid display of technique instruction, training advice and historical and contemporary athlete profiles in a bright, easy to read format. With this tome, Jeff brings race walk instruction into the 21st century!

Dave McGovern - National Team Member, Dave’s World Class Race Walking

This book, with its two companion DVDs, is a splendid and important contribution to the sport of race walking. Focusing on the competitive walker, Race Walk Like a Champion should--must--be read by walkers of all ages and abilities who are serious about competing. With clearly written and illustrated explanations including color coded graphs and training schedules, this book and its videos provide a complete, one-stop resource of reliable, expert information.

Elaine Ward - President, North American Race Walking Foundation

Race Walk Like a Champion has an excellent overall presentation with its written explanations of each technique component enhanced by the great photographic examples. I am certain the combination of the book and DVD will provide the novice or beginning race walker the tools necessary to master the technique.

Of the many race walking books and videos I have reviewed during my career, this is hands down the best and most thorough presentation of race walking technique offered. I will recommend the book as the definitive guide to athletes who consult me for advice on race walking technique.

Curt Clausen - Three-time Olympian & National Record Holder

Race Walk Like a Champion’s training chapter is amongst the best I have ever read. Coach Salvage did a great job addressing each component in a way that can be easily understood.

Amber Antonia - National Team Member

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