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What is Race WalkingMention race walking to someone unfamiliar with it and you usually get a strange look, questions as to whether it is an Olympic sport, and questions like is that speed walkings? Those familiar, but not involved with it, often ridicule it. However, those enbroiled in the sport will describe it with passion and love that is infectious.

If you asked me, I would describe it as a wonderful sport that allows me to stay fit with a low incidence of injury. If you asked two-time Olympian Tim Seaman, he would nuance the answer by stating that race walking is an event of Track and Field. Coach Diane Grahm-Henry of the Elgin Sharks would tell you it's an excellent activity for her kids to compete in while having a lot of fun.

Many people confuse race walking with other terms like speed walking, health walking, or power walking. While the latter terms are adequate to describe fitness walking related activities they lack a formal definition.

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