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Now we are going to break apart Tim's race walking technique piece by piece. Basically we are going to look at two sets of photographs. The first set will illustrate the portion of Tim's stride while his left leg is supporting the body. This is referred to as the support phase of the stride. The second set will illustrate the portion of Tim's stride while his left leg is in the swing phase.

For each set, we will first look at all six photos as a sequence of six photographs and then we will look in greater detail at each photo.

Race Walking Techinque - Suport Phase

Be aware that if you were taught by someone else to pay attention to when they learned to walk. They may explain race walking by telling you to emphasize different muscles and techniques. However, they may be saying that because when they learned to walk the rules were different. Different rules will lead to different techniques and what may have been correct technique in the 70's is no longer correct technique in the new millennium.

One thing you might have heard is when the foot comes down in front of you pull through your heel. This is classic 70's style. This is no longer true. You do push and pull at different points in the stride, but not through your heel.

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