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Posture sounds simple.  It is that your body should be straight up and down. Basically vertical. However, if you have a problem leaning forward or backward then correcting it isn't as easy as just saying straighten up. Sure you can straighten for a few moments, but as you progress you will fall back into your bad habit because the habit is usually caused from a muscle imbalance and lack of flexibility. You need to do exercises to correct this as well as focus. Race Walk Clinic in a Book outlines these for people that either lean forward or backward. These exercises were actually developed by a physical therapist, because tim and i are coaches first.

Race Walking Technique - Correct Race Walking Posture Race Walking Technique - Leaning Forward - Incorrect Piosture Race Walking Technique - Backward Lean - Incorrect Posture
Fortunately, if you have a problem with posture, we have provided a series of exercises to help you improve it. Check out our online guide to improving posture which is an excerpt from Tim Seaman and Jeff Salvage's book Race Walk Clinic in a Book.
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Race Walking Technique - Walking on Hills and Crowns

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