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When you walk regularly, your foot will land on either side of a line drawn down the path in front of you (Figure 1). However, if you were late for class and had to speed up, your legs would turn faster and your hips would engage slightly. This causes your feet to land closer to a straight line as shown in Figure 2. As you get more efficient at race walking and you purposely rotate your hips forward, your feet follow and land on a straight line in front of you (Figure 3). What you do not what to do is walk with your feet crossing over the line as shown in the last image. (Figure 4)

If you try to do this intentionally, you will put a stress across your knees. So instead of trying to cause your feet to land intentionally in a straight line, just be aware of it and when you learn how to use your hips properly, the footfalls will follow naturally.

Race Walking Technique - Pedestrian Walking Foot Placement
Figure 1

Race Walking Technique - Athletic Walking Foot Placement
Figure 2

Race Walking Technique - Correct Race Walking Foot Placement
Figure 3

Race Walking Technique - Crossing Over on Foot Placement
Figure 4

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