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Race Walking Technique - Walking on HillsHILLS
The final aspect of race walking technique is compensating for walking on hills.  Most races do not have hills however, when you are out training you may need to walk on them. The technique is different depending if you are going to walk up or down a hill. When you walk uphill, you need walk with good race walking technique, but you need to drop a gear like a cyclist. Take shorter strides so each stride is easier than it would normally be. To compensate, increase your stride rate. When you go downhill, and it is really steep, we would advise you not to race walk down a hill in training. In a race, you'll lengthen your stride and decrease the step rate.

If you have crowns, you need to be careful. If there is no traffic you can walk down the middle  of the street. Otherwise walk on the same side of the street on your way out and back so that you give your body some balance. Either way, if you are walking on the road, make sure you do not have music playing so that you cannot hear the traffic.


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Race Walking Technique - Walking on Hills and Crowns

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