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Learning Race Walking TechniqueLearning to race walk may seem daunting, but it is not very difficult if you break the technique down into small portions of the stride.

Below you will find a menu dissecting race walking technique to demonstrate the nuances a piece at a time and from multiple viewing angles.

If you are looking to learn more about how to correct race walking technique we recommend Tim Seaman and Jeff Salvage's book Race Walk Clinic in a Book. as well as their accompanying DVD Race Walk Clinic in a DVD. Please support our site and visit in our online shop.

Race Walking Technique - Side View - Suport PhaseRace Walking Technique - Side View - Swing Phase Race Walking Technique - Improving the Lower BodyRace Walking Technique - Hips Race Walking Technique - PostureRace Walking Technique - Hand PositionRace Walking Technique - Arm Carriage
Race Walking Technique - Walking on Hills and Crowns

What is Race Walking? Benefits of Race WalkingLearning Race Walking Technique

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