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Correct Walking Posture

The principle of good posture is the same whether you are a pedestrian, athletic, or race walker. It's also the same if you are a trekker or hiker. Good walking posture is fairly simple.  Your body is straight up and down throughout the entire stride.  Years ago, race walkers believed proper posture meant leaning from their ankles; however, to do so, they often bent from the waist instead.  Such bending causes the hips to move backwards, thus reducing the ability to extend the hip and accelerate the stride.

I actually learned to race walk leaning forward from the ankles.  The lean forward placed excessive stress on my lower back, and when I walked long distances, the strained muscles constantly felt sore. 

Correct Race Walking Posture
Correct Walking Posture
Incorrect Walking Posture - Leaning Backward
Incorrect Walking Posture
Leaning Backward
Incoorect Walking Posutre - Leaning Forward
Incorrect Walking Posture
Leaning Forward

When I first started coaching I used to try to correct posture as the last aspect of walking to fix. After all how many times have you heard, "Stand up straight!" If it were only so easy. In ideal walking posture, the torso is in the vertical position, but it takes more than just focus to straighten up. Sure, most people can get their torso in a vertical position when asked. The problem is they can't keep it there. Some walkers can walk with their torso in the vertical position initially, but then as they tire they slump forward or sway backward. The fatigue is an amplifier to the problem. Others have the problem all the time. A muscle imbalance or tighteness causes the body to lean forward or sway back. Fortunately, with time and effort theses issues can often be corrected over time with consistent effort through a series of strengthening exerises and stretches.

We have broken the exercises into groups. Learn how to correct leaning forward or swaying backward when you walk.

This page is an excerpt from Tim Seaman and Jeff Salvage's book Race Walk Clinic in a Book. Please support our site and purchase it in our online shop.

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