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Welcome to WalkingResource.com. Two-time Olympian Tim Seaman, Olympian Rachel Seaman, and world renowned walking expert Jeff Salvage bring you a website dedicated to all aspects of walking. Discover what we have, that walking is the key to a healthy, fun and enjoyable life. The benefits of walking as a primary form of exercise are countless. Walking is easy to start, inexpensive, and has major health benefits. Whether you choose to walk as a means of transportation, for general wellness, fitness, athletic challenge or to get away from internal combustion, the concepts are similar. Walking with proper technique leads to very few injuries and a lifetime of reward. Over the next few months we will assemble WalkingResource.com with information from our many projects and websites related to walking. In total we have written/published 9 books, 3 DVDs, and 5 websites related to different forms of walking.

Future coverage includes: Walking Basics, Athletic Walking/Power Walking/Health Walking, Race Walking, Hiking, Trekking, Basic Nutrition, Walking as we Age, Walking for Kids, and Women's issues related to walking. In addition, we'll detail what you need to know about stretching, strength training (including weight lifting) and walking equipment.

Why Walk - Learn the fundemental benefits of a walking programWalking and Losing WeightWalking Success Stories Correct Walking Posture - Learn the correct posture for walking, hiking or race walking. Find out if you need to correct your posture and if so how to straighten up! Warming Up - Learn the correct way to warm up for walking. It's not stretching, but dynamic exercises that are the key.Cool Down with a good stretch. Learn the proper way to improve flexibility and reduce injuriesWalking Through Pregnancy Diabetes and WalkingObesity and Walking Osteoperosis And WalkingHeart Disease and Walking Arthritis and WalkingWalking In WaterWalking on a BeachWalking With Your Dog

What is Race Walking? Benefits of Race WalkingLearning Race Walking Technique

Top Ten Treks in the World - Explore the best hikes in the world. Equipment - A guide to the essential equipment for a trek or hike.

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Stay tuned and check back often, we'll be filling in the missing grids as adding many more sections.

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